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    February 11, 2015 · Uncategorized

    We start with a raw idea and raw materials. We will sketch out an idea on paper right in front of you in minutes. 

    We I'll incorporate wrought iron, blown glass, hand thrown pottery, cast brass elements, hand turned wood or some other kind of material. The materials and ideas are truly endless. 
    So is the size and color, endless. So far the biggest chandelier we have made is 10' in diameter. We are glad to call a tow truck to deliver it. 

    Next we will send your order out to our metal shop and begin the fabrication process. Whether it be a table lamp, a chandelier, or a table it still starts out as raw material that is hand formed. Zenen Viera is the metal shop director. He's worked here for about 15 years. He has the ability to see and understand my drawings and my vision. He pulls it all together wonderfully. 

    Next it is sent to the paint department to be cleaned and primed. The end result is a hand applied, hand painted finish of your choice. A clear protective finish is applied to seal everything. Of course the last thing we do is the wiring if it's a lighting product. By the way the person that runs this department has been working with me for 20 years and her name is Josefina Diaz. She's so talented and dedicated to this work. 

    So I ask you, what can we design and make for you today? I invite you to come in and explore our store, sit with me, discuss your desires. Let's do it!